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Heavy Steel Fabrication


Heavy Steel Fabrication

Welcome to B&H Industrial, where steel meets strength, and innovation shapes industries. Our heavy steel fabrication services are the cornerstone of progress in construction, manufacturing, mining, energy, and transportation sectors. Our advanced equipment, skilled artisans, and deep engineering expertise converge to shape the infrastructure and machinery that drive modern society forward. 

Here’s an insight into the world of heavy steel fabrication, where expertise meets excellence. 

Materials: Forging the Backbone of Strength

At B&H Industrial, we work primarily with steel, celebrated for its unparalleled strength, durability, and versatility. Our craftsmen are skilled in handling various types, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and alloy steel, ensuring your project benefits from the highest quality materials. 

Types of Products

Our portfolio boasts an array of monumental products, ranging from colossal structural elements to precision-engineered industrial machinery. From towering beams to intricate storage tanks, robust mining equipment to power generation essentials, we shape the backbone of progress. 


What We Offer?

Cutting and Shaping

Crafting perfection demands precision. Our arsenal of specialized machinery – plasma cutters, oxy-fuel torches, laser cutters, and waterjet cutters – work in harmony to carve steel plates and profiles with unparalleled accuracy. 


Welding is where strength takes shape. Our skilled artisans employ a variety of techniques – arc welding, MIG welding, TIG welding, and submerged arc welding – to seamlessly unite steel components, ensuring your project stands the test of time. 

Forming and Bending

Hydraulic presses and rolling machines breathe life into steel, bending and sculpting plates and profiles to your exact specifications, opening a world of design possibilities. 

Assembly and Fitting

Every nut, bolt, and beam find its place. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously assemble and fit components according to detailed engineering drawings, ensuring seamless integration. 

Heat Treatment

For enhanced mechanical properties, select components may undergo heat treatment processes such as annealing, quenching, and tempering, ensuring your project is forged with resilience. 

Surface Treatment

Heavy Steel Fabrication requires professional elements to make structures. Although steel surfaces deserve a shield against the elements. Our surface treatments, including painting, galvanizing, and protective coatings, guarantee both corrosion resistance and lasting aesthetic appeal. 

Quality Assurance

At B&H Industrial, quality is our standard. Rigorous quality control processes, including non-destructive testing (NDT) methods like ultrasonic, radiographic, and magnetic particle testing, ensure that our products surpass industry standards. 

Transport and Installation

The journey doesn’t end in our workshop. Finished components are handled with utmost care, transported using specialized equipment, and expertly installed by skilled riggers and operators, ensuring a seamless transition from fabrication to function. 

Safety Considerations

Safety is non-negotiable. Our dedicated team adheres to strict protocols, donning appropriate protective gear, and operating machinery with precision and care, ensuring every project is executed with utmost safety in mind.