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Drafting and Design


Drafting and Design

At B&H Industrial, we specialize in the art and science of Drafting and Design, crafting meticulous technical drawings and blueprints that set the foundation for excellence in various industries. From engineering marvels to architectural wonders, our expertise spans across: 

Technical Drawings

Our technical drawings are the heartbeat of precision, offering intricate visual representations infused with vital details such as dimensions, materials, tolerances, and assembly instructions. 

Manual Drafting vs. CAD

Witness the evolution from pencil and compass to the realm of Computer-Aided Design (CAD), where every detail is rendered with unparalleled precision and flexibility. There are several options of Drafting and Design, the advancement of CAD has captured the market significantly.

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Orthographic Projections

Experience the magic of 2D representations transcending into a tridimensional world, unveiling top, front, and side views that form the bedrock of engineering and architectural brilliance. 

Isometric Views

Explore objects from angles unknown to traditional projections. Isometric views provide a holistic understanding that surpasses the limitations of 2D renderings. 

3D Modeling

Immerse yourself in the immersive realm of 3D modeling, where digital replicas offer a realistic, palpable sense of the final product. 

Scale Drawings

Witness objects reduced to scale, where the ratio speaks volumes about their real-world dimensions, ensuring accuracy in every detail. 


Tolerances and Fits

Our drafters set the standards for precision, specifying tolerances that guarantee seamless fits during the assembly process. 

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Every component accounted for – our Bill of Materials (BOM) is a meticulous list that ensures nothing is left to chance in the construction or assembly process. 

Assembly Drawings

Step-by-step, our assembly drawings seamlessly bring together individual components to form a harmonious, functional whole. 

Architectural Design

From floor plans to elevations, we breathe life into architectural dreams, providing detailed plans that are the cornerstone of stunning edifices. 

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Engineering Design

Our engineering designs pave the way for machines, structures, and systems that drive progress. Whether it’s bridges, machinery, or electrical systems, we lay the foundation for excellence. 

Compliance and Standards

Adhering to industry-specific standards and codes, our designs are forged in compliance, ensuring safety, quality, and regulatory requirements are met. 

Simulation and Analysis

Our drafting and design software are equipped with powerful tools for simulating and analyzing performance under various conditions, providing insights through stress analysis, flow simulations, and more.