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Laser Engraving

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Unveiling the Artistry of Laser Engraving

Unlock a world of limitless possibilities with B&H Industrial’s cutting-edge laser engraving services. Our high-precision, non-contact process harnesses the power of a focused laser beam to etch, mark, or engrave a material’s surface, delivering unparalleled quality and precision.

How Laser Engraving Transforms Materials?

  1. Focused Laser Beam: Powered by state-of-the-art CO2 or fiber lasers, our systems emit a concentrated beam of light energy that ensures exceptional clarity and detail.
  2. Material Interaction: Upon contact, the laser beam ignites an intricate dance of heat, causing the material to vaporize, melt, or ablate, leaving behind a flawless mark.
  3. Controlled Movements: Guided by a meticulously crafted computer program, the laser beam follows a predetermined pattern or design, ensuring impeccable execution.

Materials Suited for Perfection

  1. Metal: Stainless steel, aluminum, and brass come to life with laser precision, yielding permanent and precise markings.


  1. Wood: Both hardwoods and softwoods serve as ideal canvases for intricate patterns, designs, or text, adding a touch of elegance.


  1. Plastics: From acrylic to PVC, explore endless possibilities for signage, labels, or captivating decorative elements.


  1. Glass and Crystal: Transform these delicate surfaces into canvases for precision and intricacy, elevating their visual allure.


  1. Stone: Natural marvels like granite and marble become personalized memorials, plaques, and ornate decorative items.


  1. Leather: Elevate leather goods with bespoke designs, logos, or text, creating pieces that speak volumes.


  1. Acrylic: Whether clear or colored, acrylics are a popular choice for crafting detailed designs, logos, and eye-catching signage.


Precision Beyond Measure

Laser engraving achieves unparalleled precision, allowing for the creation of intricate and highly detailed designs. From fine lines to small text and complex patterns, the possibilities are limitless.


Speed & Efficiency

Efficiency is paramount. Our laser engraving process is swift, delivering high-quality marks in record time, ensuring your projects stay on schedule.


Non-Contact Process

Unlike traditional methods, laser engraving is a non-contact process. This eliminates the risk of damage to delicate or sensitive materials, preserving their integrity.


A Mark of Permanence and Durability

With laser engraving, your creations boast enduring marks, impervious to wear, fading, or smudging. Ideal for items meant for regular handling, they stand the test of time.



A Universe of Applications

From product labeling to captivating signage, intricate jewelry design to personalized gifts, and even architectural embellishments, laser engraving finds its place in an array of industries.



B&H Industrial empowers businesses to offer truly personalized items, adding an extra layer of connection between you and your customers.


Safety First

We prioritize safety. Protective eyewear and proper ventilation are essential when operating laser engraving equipment, ensuring a secure environment for all.